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Johannesburg is South Africa’s largest city with a high rise,modern, congested and vibrant centre. Many people head to the chic and smart suburbs of Sandton and Rosebank with their vast choices of shops and restaurants. South of the city is the township of Soweto where you can visit the street which was famously once home to Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Just a 25 minute drive away from Johannesburg is the beautiful city of Pretoria with its historical statues and monuments, superb shopping, and a vibrant arts community. In 1994, thousands gathered in Union Building Gardens to see Nelson Mandela’s inauguration as South Africa’s first black president.

The sights

For the visitor to Johannesburg the difficulty lies not in finding something to do, but in choosing between all the exciting options. There's something for everyone - museums that examine the country's apartheid past, the city's exciting new Constitutional Court, a look at the city's gold mining beginnings, traditional African medicine or muti, and plenty of animals and outdoor fun.

SoWeTo – A tour of South Africa’s infamous township is an experience not to be missed. There is an enormous sense of community spirit and you can visit the street which was once home to two Nobel Prize winners, Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

The Apartheid Museum – will give you more of an insight  and is a very moving experience.

Victorian Parktown - one of the oldest suburbs of Johannesburg, home to the mining magnates since the 19th century.  

The city’s oldest market, Mai-Mai - transports the visitor into a fascinating world of indigenous African clothing and curios, but the real stars are the traditional healers with their “muti” or herbs. The Botanic Gardens –  one of South Africa’s finest collections while Monte Casino Bird Gardens have over 200 species of birds and 1500 species of small animals

Gold Reef City - This was one of the richest and deepest gold mines and even has a pub – a quarter of a mile down! Now transformed into a theme park, this popular attraction is a must for the whole family.

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