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Australia tours

Independent tours are offered in conjunction with our travel partner, APT. As a family owned company, they, like us, are committed to providing memorable and fabulous holidays. Australia (replace with New Zealand, if appropriate) is their own back yard, so not surprisingly, as well as being extremely knowledgeable about their product, they really want to make sure that you see the best of their country. Independent tours give you the comfort of knowing that someone is on hand to assist you in each destination, to escort you to the best sights and make sure you make the most of your tour.

However, they give you the flexibility to extend your stay in any or all of the destinations on the tour, so that you can have time to yourselves to explore independently and see more, or even, just take things at a slower pace. So, when you view the independent tours, just remember that you can choose to stay longer or shorter periods in any of the places. Just ask us and we’ll be happy to quote prices to make the adjustments to the tour.

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