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The Deep South

The Deep South

Comprised of Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee, the Deep South is pure unadulterated USA! Perfect for a fly-drive holiday with vibrant cities and fascinating small towns to visit, superb national parks and inviting beaches for a taste of the great outdoors, not to mention a varied history, music to stir the soul and food that is sure to make your heart sing….. all topped off with Southern hospitality!

Justifiably famous for its Civil Rights landmarks and musical heritage, Alabama serves up much more to whet your appetite. From beautiful beaches, diverse landscapes and the largest spaceflight museum in the world, to cute country towns and an enviable food culture, it really is Sweet Home Alabama.

French, Spanish, German, Italian, African and Indigenous American cultures have all called Louisiana home, resulting in a colourful history, unique flavours, legendary music and lasting traditions. Add inspiring landscapes and native wildlife, and you’ll find that Louisiana has something for every traveller.

Best known for the famous river that forms its western border, the diverse state of Mississippi delivers an unrivalled holiday experience. So, whether you’re a music lover, history buff, foodie, adventurer, or beach relaxer, head to Mississippi for one great escape.

From major cities and inspiring small towns to spectacular areas of outstanding natural beauty and a rich musical tapestry, Tennessee Sounds Perfect. No matter the reason for your visit, be it relaxation, outdoor adventure, great music or a history lesson, you'll find it in Tennessee.

Be sure to check out our tantalising Deep South tours, which take in the many sights, sounds and tastes of the region..

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