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Taman Negara

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Peninsula Malaysia’s greatest national park

Taman Negara is the oldest primary rainforest in the world, and at 1,677 square miles it is the biggest national park in Malaysia, spreading out over three states, Pahang, Kelantan and Terengganu. Estimated at 130 million years old, this vast and verdant jungle is a tangle of ancient trees dwarfing an incredible variety of ferns, fungi and rare plants.

Why visit?

  • Oldest primary rainforest
  • Jungle trails
  • Bird watching
  • Eco activities
  • Canopy walkway

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The facts:

Getting there: There are no direct flights from the UK to Taman Negara. It is about a three hour drive from Kuala Lumpur.

Best time to travel: Taman Negara has a hot and humid climate with an abundance of sunshine making it a year-round destination. Temperatures range between 26-35;C during the day and 24-29;C at night. From mid-November until February the monsoon season often brings rain, usually in the late afternoon or evening.

Taman Negara climate:

Taman Negara Climate Chart