The past and the future clash in wonderful sceneries, relaxed private beaches, impressive constructions and a sizzling, lively atmosphere.

If you’re looking for adventure, the Formula 1 Track is definitely the place for you. Gear up for one of the most adrenaline infused atmospheres you could ever experience with the Formula1 Grand Prix – Coming to Bahrain in 2023! This experience is surely not to be missed, especially as it’s the 1st race of the season. Combine your Bahrain stay with a seat trackside and witness the thrilling speeds and forge a memory you’ll never forget.

Manama, the modern capital Bahrain, might lack the polish and outlandish commercialism seen in some Gulf capitals, but therein lies its charm. You'll find all the hallmarks of modern Arab prosperity here, vast air-conditioned shopping malls and daringly designed skyscrapers, but hidden amongst all that glass and glamour are delightful relics and reminders of the city's proud heritage.

Its acclaimed Bahrain National Museum showcases ancient archaeological artifacts covering more than 6,000 years of Bahrain’s History including the ancient Dilmun civilization that once flourished in the region. The museum, Beit Al Quran (a collection of ancient Qurans) and the avant-garde National Theatre represent Bahrain’s commitment to not just preserve the past but actively celebrate it, making Manama the perfect centre to witness an incredible balance between the old and the new.

Historic sites are given equal footing with the brash, modern ones. This is most apparent in the city's thriving Bab el-Bahrain Souq, where the hustle and bustle is reminiscent of an ancient bazaar - offering wares from colourful handwoven fabrics and spices to the countries’ famous pearls. Take a moment to sample some of the globally diverse and influenced local cuisine available here as Manama’s Souq grows in reputation as a foodie destination not to be missed.

For a more leisurely holiday visit one of the many islands that Bahrain boasts - soak in the sun, venture into the striking desert dunes or go on a island hopping adventure. Reef Island – located on the North shore of the capital Manama offers guests the convenience of easy access to the bustling city with the tranquillity of a tropical island getaway. On the other hand, the small island of Al Dar, is easy to reach by boat (less than a 10 minute sailing) with white sandy beaches, sapphire waters, snorkelling and more making it the perfect day trip for all the family. If you are searching for a laid-back atmosphere and amazing beaches, this little piece of paradise is ideal.

Why visit Bahrain?
  • Celebrated Heritage
  • Upcoming Foodie Destination
  • Unforgettable Thrills
  • Home to Formula One and hosting the 1st race of the 2023 season
  • An Ideal stop over to the Maldives, Thailand and beyond
  • Easily accessible from city to beach
Essential facts about Bahrain
Local Time

GMT +3 hours


Bahraini Dinar

Travel information

Flights from the UK to Bahrain take just over 6 hours.

Best time to go

Style up for cool and pleasant winters from October to April with an average temperature of 21 ºC. Hot and humid summers from May to September with virtually guaranteed sunshine – perfect for a beach getaway! Average temperature in the summer months is 33 ºC with very scarce rainfall.


During Ramadan, restrictions may apply for eating, drinking or smoking in public places (including hotels and those offering all inclusive) between sunrise and sunset; and no live entertainment is usually permitted.