The privately owned Rocky Mountaineer offers an unforgettable rail experience through Canada's mountainous western provinces. With four distinctive rail routes through British Columbia and Alberta, the luxury train travels by daylight and is the best way to experience the majestic Rockies.


There are two service options on board Rocky Mountaineer, SilverLeaf or GoldLeaf and, whichever you choose, you will be spoiled. There are no sleeper cars, instead guests are transported to comfortable hotel accommodations. Melt back into your luxurious seat and gasp at the stunning views of the pristine wilderness through the oversized windows; enjoy complimentary beverages and snacks throughout the journey; and feast on delicious gourmet meals. See below for further details on what you can expect from SilverLeaf and GoldLeaf service.

SilverLeaf service includes

  • A single-level dome coach with oversized windows
  • Regionally inspired meals served seat-side
  • Complimentary beverages (alcoholic & non-alcoholic) and gourmet snacks
  • Assigned seating in fully reclining daynighter seats
  • Extended legroom
  • Temperature controlled comfort
  • Toilets in each coach
  • Complimentary baggage delivery to your hotel

GoldLeaf service is highly recommended and also includes

  • A bi-level domed railcar offering panoramic views of the mountains from full length dome windows
  • Reclining dome level seats with extended leg room in the upper level
  • Gourmet meals served in a lower level dining room
  • Exclusive outdoor viewing platform
  • Premium room categories at hotels

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