Experience the allure of the United States, where every step unveils a tapestry of unforgettable experiences. From world-renowned landmarks and natural wonders to the pulsating energy of vibrant metropolises - a journey through the USA promises action-packed adventure, breathtaking landscapes, dazzling beaches, family-friendly theme parks, unforgettable road trips and glorious national parks.

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In the North East, a treasure trove of iconic cities awaits your exploration. Marvel at the soaring skyline of New York City, immerse yourself in the historical grandeur of Washington DC, or stroll through the charming streets of Philadelphia and Boston. Visit the 'Windy City', Chicago, home to some of a theatre district second only to New York's Broadway and the start of Route 66. Each city, a vibrant hub of culture, architecture, and history, offers a unique blend of old-world charm and modern sophistication. These urban havens are not just destinations but gateways to an array of experiences, whether it's sun-kissed beaches, scenic waterways, or a captivating touring adventure.

Explore nature and its endless outdoor opportunities in the Pacific Northwest with just about every type of recreational activity awaits. The region’s two big cities are Seattle, a captivating blend of hip sophistication, coffee culture, flourishing arts scene and outdoor adventure, and Portland, where the streets serve as art galleries and nature parks are bigger than neighbourhoods.

Venturing southwards, the Southern States beckon with a rich tapestry of history – a place to step back in time. In Mississippi, stand upon the hallowed grounds of Civil War battlefields, where echoes of a nation's struggle resound. Trace the footsteps of the Civil Rights movement throughout Georgia and pay homage to visionaries like Martin Luther King. Visit the bygone era of 20th century Civil Rights struggles in Alabama or simply enjoy it's southern charm. Embrace the elegance of southern architecture amidst the lush embrace of the Smoky Mountains across North and South Carolina. And for those seeking the rhythms of music, immerse yourself in the soulful cadence of jazz, country, and blues, allowing the melodies to guide you through an evocative journey in Tennessee and Kentucky. Also jostling for your attention is the culture, food and historic architecture of New Orleans and Louisiana.

Cowboy culture meets urban sophistication in Texas, a state so big and diverse that it's practically its own country. The landscape ranges from desert Badlands and swimmable coastlines to lush mountains and sprawling prairies. Stay at one of the state's many ranches. Don your stetson and your boots, take a ride out on a breathtaking trail and experience this for yourselves. Austin is a notable hub for music - indeed, it is known as the ‘live music capital of the world’, comedy and film-making as well as a foodie hotspot.

Then there’s Florida, known for its famed theme parks around Orlando, enticing beaches, manicured golf courses, shopping and glitzy nightlife, this sunshine state has fun for all.

California boasts a multitude of magnetic cities: the glamour of Los Angeles, the artistic pulse of San Francisco, the coastal charm of San Diego and the oasis of Palm Springs. Yet, California's allure extends far beyond these urban gems. Embark on a voyage through diverse landscapes – the ethereal majesty of Yosemite National Park, the striking contrasts of Death Valley, the vineyard-strewn hills of Wine Country, and the mesmerising beauty of the Big Sur Coastline.

Grand Canyon NP vistas

A man-made oasis in the midst of the Nevada desert, Las Vegas is the most amazing city on the planet offering a symphony of lights, entertainment, and opulence. But beyond the glitz and glamour, the rugged Wild West unfurls, inviting you to traverse desolate plains, rugged peaks, and awe-inspiring canyons – a land that rewards curiosity with breathtaking vistas. A medley of adventure, endless skies, abandoned ghost towns and show-stopping natural wonders can be found in Arizona and beyond in the national parks of the west, including the UNESCO World Heritage site that needs no introduction – the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Saguaro National Monument, Yellowstone and many more.

The Hawaiian Islands are a true paradise and an ideal holiday destination. Their natural beauty is awe-inspiring, with pristine beaches, lush rainforests and majestic waterfalls waiting to be discovered. The crystal-clear waters and warm climate make Hawaii perfect for various water activities like swimming, surfing, snorkelling, and scuba diving. Beyond its natural wonders, Hawaii has a rich cultural heritage. You can immerse yourself in Hawaiian traditions, visit historic sites like Pearl Harbour, or explore the Polynesian Cultural Centre for a deeper understanding of the local heritage.

The northern frontier unveils Alaska & The Yukon Territory, a realm of unparalleled natural splendour. Majestic wildlife, towering mountains, meandering rivers, and shimmering glaciers coalesce to form a pristine wilderness that ignites the spirit of exploration.

Let us tailor-make your American adventure. Your journey through the United States awaits.

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GMT -5 hours (includes New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, Vermont, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, District of Columbia, North & South Carolina, Georgia and Florida). GMT-6 hours (includes Alabama, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, North & South Dakota, Tennessee and Texas). GMT-7 hours (includes Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah & Wyoming). GMT-8 hours (California, Nevada & Alaska). GMT-10 hours (Hawaii).


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America has numerous gateways. In the North East New York, Boston and Washington DC are around 8 hours flying time from the UK; Orlando is about 9 hours; New Orleans is 10 hours flying time; Houston, Austin or Dallas around 101/2 hours; San Francisco or Los Angeles is 11 hours; Las Vegas or Phoenix around 101/2 hours; Honolulu about 19 hours (via San Francisco or Los Angeles) and Anchorage about 141/2 hours (via Seattle).

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In a country as vast as America, the weather is extremely varied and it will depend on what you want to experience. However, there’s always something to see and do, no matter when you travel. See each of our regions for more details.