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Rail travel is a convenient, affordable and flexible way to see America. With plenty of room, comfortable accommodation, great views and dining, and an opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint, it's a great way to explore this vast country.

Amtrak is the largest passenger rail company operating in the USA. With plenty of room, comfortable accommodation, great views and dining, and an opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint, it's a great way to explore this vast country.

Amtrak makes it easy for you to go where you want and to spend more time at your destination, offering travel to over 500 destinations in 46 states on a 21,000 mile route system. However, it's about more than just getting from A to B, it's an enjoyable experience.

On most trains you have three seating options: coach class - wide and comfortable seats designed for you to relax; business class - within a dedicated car and offering an enhanced travel experience; or first class - spacious seating with at-seat service in a quiet atmosphere. Additionally, on long distance routes sleeping accommodations are also available which include bedrooms in various configurations and either private or public bathrooms and showers.

Whether you require a full sit-down meal or more informal food service, many trains have one or more options for on board dining. Short distance trains have a Cafe Car which offer a variety of snacks and beverages, while on medium and long distance trains a Lounge Car is available, and on long distance trains there is usually a full-service Dining Car which serves hot meals.

So, whether it's a short journey between cities in the North East or a longer journey across the US, we can help you make your travel arrangements before you leave. With over 500 stations to choose from the possibilities are endless.


Sample routes are featured here to give you an idea of some of the rail journeys available to you in the North East, Deep South, California and the West.

Additionally, we’ve highlighted just a couple of suggested itineraries by rail. If you like the idea of travelling across a section of this great country by rail, then give our travel experts a call and they’ll happily help plan your Amtrak adventure.

North East from

New York/Boston £80

New York/Washington, DC £94

New York/Philadelphia £59

New York/Chicago £110

New York/Niagara £89

Boston/Washington, DC £112

Boston/Philadelphia £99

Boston/Chicago £110

Washington, DC/Chicago £97

Washington, DC/Philadelphia £59

Chicago/New Orleans £129

Chicago/Denver £117

Chicago/Seattle £176

The West from

Denver/Grand Junction £53

Denver/San Francisco £139

San Antonio/Dallas £35

Houston/San Antonio £35

Dallas/Austin £28

California from

Los Angeles/San Diego £37

Los Angeles/San Francisco £63

Los Angeles/Palm Springs £19

Los Angeles/Santa Barbara £31

Los Angeles/Las Vegas £48

Flagstaff/Los Angeles £42

San Diego/San Francisco £84

San Diego/Palm Springs £36

San Francisco/Sacramento £30

Deep South from

Memphis/New Orleans £60

Memphis/Jackson £40

Memphis/Chicago £99

New Orleans/Atlanta £77

New Orleans/Houston £55

New Orleans/Charlotte £133

New Orleans/Chicago £129

Charleston/Savannah £27

Charlotte/Winston Salem £22

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