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The main attraction of these island gems is the sublime natural scenery and the slow pace of life however, dotted around each island you will also find a selection of fascinating places to visit and while away an hour or two.

Alderney Railway: Alderney has the only working railway in the Channel Islands. Built in the 1840’s, the railway now provides entertainment for train enthusiasts and families.

Alderney Railway

Alderney Museum: The award-winning museum provides history of the island from the pre-historic period to the present day and hosts lectures by many knowledgeable speakers.

Alderney’s Roman Fort: Located near Longis Bay, ‘The Nunnery’ is the best preserved Roman small fort in Britain and is the first evidence of military construction on the island.

The Odeon, Alderney: This MP3 five-storey naval range finding tower, known as ‘The Odeon’ is a fine example of the concrete bunkers built by the German forces during WWII.

St Anne’s Church, Alderney: The church of St Anne is acknowledged to be one of the finest Victorian buildings in the Channel Islands.

La Seigneurie Gardens, Sark: Set within the grounds of a 17th century manor, the garden is considered one of the finest in the Channel Islands and provides a tranquil contrast to the windswept wildness of the island’s beautiful coast.

La Coupee, Sark: This 100m long causeway joins big and little Sark and has dramatic drops on either side to the bays below.

La Coupee Sark

Sark Museum: The Sark Museum is an authentic experience of Sark’s wide history spanning several centuries. Discover an eclectic mix of cultural and heritage memorabilia, from historic photos to details of the attempted takeover of the island in 1990.

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