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Known as the Spice Island of the Caribbean and famous for the nutmeg, which has been grown there since the 1780’s when the British brought it over from East India, Grenada claims to be the prettiest island in the Lesser Antilles. Whilst others may not agree with this, its capital, St George, is indisputably a gem – a picturesque and charming town built around the rim of a crater which forms its harbour and a mixture of French and English colonial architecture – the happy result of the island’s changing ownership down the years.

Inland, Grenada is amazingly fertile as a result of the  rain which is deposited by the tradewinds on the green, lush rainforests.  Waterfalls spill into translucent pools amidst emerald forests – a sight to behold.

Grenada is one of the most scenic islands in the Caribbean.  Although it is also one of the wettest, this should not put you off visiting this enchanting island, as it rarely rains for more than an hour at a time. With over 40 beaches and constant temperatures year round, this is a beautiful destination. The capital, St George, must  be visited and the Saturday market is not to be missed.


Map of Grenada

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