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Alderney has a rich and varied history. A must see is Longis Common which has remains of an Iron Age site. The main town, St Anne, historically known as 'La Ville', is often referred to as 'St Anne's' by visitors, but rarely by locals (who usually refer to it as 'Town'). The attractive little inland town features an imposing church, a range of interesting shops, pastel coloured houses and the charming yet unevenly cobbled main street - Victoria Street.  The remaining breakwater is one of the island's landmarks, it is longer than any breakwater in the UK and is simply stunning.

Take in some of the remarkable history as there is lots for you to discover during your stay on Sark. Liberation Day is on the 10th May, one day after Jersey & Guernsey and is an occasion to mark each year. Alternatively, why not take a trip to the grounds of the 6th century monastery, the Pilcher Monument, the Church, the 19th century jail and the Chief Pleas (parliament and court). Taking one of the many guided walks is a great way to learn more about the island and its rich heritage. Visit the Windmill which dates back to 1571. In 2011, Sark was designated as a Dark Sky Community and the first Dark Sky Island in the world. It's yet another reason that makes this place truly a world apart.

All around Herm's harbor, which sits on west coast of this beautiful island, there are several fascinating buildings of note for you to uncover. Make sure that during a day of leisurely exploring that you visit the charming St Tugual's Chapel. This tiny 11th century chapel is graced with some beautiful stained glass windows commissioned by Peter and Jenny Wood.  Travel even further back in time, as you walk around the island. Discover for yourself the atmospheric Neolithic tombs, the majority of which lie in the north of the island.