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The Islands - Sark, Alderney & Herm


Alderney measures just three and a half miles long. At its centre is St Anne, the quiet inland capital, an attractive little town with pastel-coloured houses lining the cobbled streets and a range of interesting shops. The town also has a museum which explains the island’s history and Alderney Pottery is worth a visit to purchase a souvenir to remind you of your stay. On such a compact island, why not take to the cliff paths on foot or cycle and enjoy a leisurely day exploring the entire island? If your idea of relaxation is to laze on a beach listening to the sea, then grab your towel, book and sun cream and head for either Braye, Corblets Bay or Telegraph Bay where the sandy beaches await you.

Travel facts: There are direct flights to Alderney from Southampton. Alternatively you can travel via Guernsey taking the 15 minute flight between the two islands. Transfers to and from the hotel are not included, but taxis are reasonably priced.


Almost two islands, Great Sark and Little Sark, linked by a dramatic causeway which plunges down to the sea on either side. A visit to Sark is like taking a step back in time rather than a 40 minute ferry crossing from neighbouring Guernsey. One of its most unique features is the lack of cars. The only motorised transport allowed in Sark is tractors either for farm work or to pull the cart which will carry your luggage up the hill to the Aval du Creux or Stocks hotels. The village’s main street has a couple of banks, souvenir shops, supermarket and shops offering bicycle hire which is the other great way of experiencing the real island of Sark. Narrow lanes and dusty tracks weave their way around the island, past meadows with grazing horses, high cliff paths with stunning views and an abundance of wild flowers. You will soon discover that time is of little consequence in Sark and will easily become accustomed to the wonderfully relaxed way of life.

Travel facts: To reach Sark, travel to Guernsey by sea or air and onward by ferry. A horse and carriage transfer is provided to and from La Sablonnerie on Little Sark. For Stocks and the Aval du Creux, your luggage will be transported by tractor to the hotel. For a small charge, you can ride up in the cart as well! Alternatively, you can do what most people in Sark do – walk.


If you’re looking for bright lights and a multitude of shops, bars and restaurants, then give Herm a miss. On the other hand, if you want peace, tranquillity and beauty, then this is the place for you. The island only has one hotel, one pub, one church, one farm and a couple of shops, but it does have an abundance of open countryside, wooded walks and wide sandy beaches. One footpath leads right around the island, whilst others criss-cross the interior. All are well signposted and even tell you how many minutes it will take to reach your destination. On Herm’s north eastern corner lies Shell Beach - the tides cause millions of shells to be washed upon the shore and a guide book can be purchased to identify the most interesting varieties you are likely to find.

Travel facts: To reach Herm, you travel to Guernsey by sea or air and then onward by ferry to Herm. The boats moor just a short walk from the White House Hotel.