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Geography: lying less than 60 miles off the coast of Lancashire, the Isle of Man is 33 miles long and 13 miles wide. Over 40% of it is uninhabited.

Travelling times: the Isle of Man is just a short flight from mainland UK and accessible from a wide range of regional airports or alternatively, you can travel by fast sea cat from Liverpool in around 21/2 hours or conventional ferry from Heysham in around 4 hours.

Transfer times: travelling time from the airport to Douglas is around 20 minutes and most places can be reached within 30 minutes, although Ramsey in the north of the island is a little further. For sea arrivals, the port is in Douglas just minutes from most town hotels. Hotels around the rest of the island are not usually more than 30 minutes away.

Passports: You don’t need a passport to travel to Isle of Man, but many airlines do require that you produce photo ID at check in.

Currency: The Isle of Man’s currency is sterling. They do have their own coins and notes, although they are identical in size to ours. UK sterling currency is accepted in all shops, hotels etc, although you may receive change in Manx coins and notes which are not accepted in the UK!