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A name which evokes thoughts of romance, tradition, sunshine, palm trees and blue, blue ocean…and all of this is true. Although the Bali of today is perhaps rather more 21st century than those words might at first imply, just a short way from the beach resorts, you’ll find a Bali which will match those dreams and more.

The sights

Sanur: A quiet and restful resort which is Bali’s most established.The hotels are nestled along the shoreline, protected by a band ofpalms. A golden sandy beach gently slopes into crystal waters.There is an assortment of shops and stalls competing for attentionand a variety of inexpensive restaurants and bars. The local peoplehave undoubtedly welcomed tourism here, but it still retains thecharacter of its roots as an old island village.

Nusa Dua: Situated on the southern tip of Bali, Nusa Dua is themodern side of Bali. The hotels tend to be larger than those inSanur. There is a modern shopping and dining complex as well asan excellent golf course nearby. The resort is quieter and moreexclusive with a golden sandy beach, immaculate palm gardens anddeluxe facilities which will enchant lovers of idyllic surroundings.

Jimbaran Bay: Unspoilt and located just 10 minutes from theairport, Jimbaran is blessed with one of the island’s finest beaches.This area has been more recently developed as a resort andconsequently, the area surrounding the hotels is less developed interms of shopping and restaurant facilities.

Ubud: About one hour inland from the main beaches is the area ofUbud and ‘real Bali’. Spectacular rice terraces overlook river valleysand intricately carved temples are hidden away in the lush hillcountry. Renowned for its local handicrafts.

Kuta: Famous for its rolling waves, surfing and glorious sandybeaches, Kuta is home to some of the liveliest bars and nightclubsin Asia. It has excellent shops selling name brand clothing andshoes and is popular with western tourists from all over the world.

Candi Dasa: Situated on the north east coast on a black sandy beachwith a backdrop of stunning rice paddy fields and fascinating temples.Tanah Lot: One of the most enduring images of Bali is sunset overthe stunning temple of Tanah Lot set on a tiny island in the oceanoff the coast. The temple is only accessible at low tide and at hightide bears a distinct resemblance to a ship at sea.

Denpasar: Denpasar is the capital of Bali and has a populationof some 200,000. The city’s name means “the market” and at thecentre of the town you will find the Pasar Badung, a four storeybuilding housing a traditional Balinese market. The Museum Bali inthe town square is home to a superb collection of Balinese craftsand artefacts.

Map of Bali

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