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A symbol of world peace

The attractive city of Hiroshima will, of course, forever be remembered for the events of the 6th August 1945 when it was destroyed by an atomic bomb. Great efforts have ensured the rebuilding of the city and despite its tragic past, a visit to Hiroshima will not be a depressing one, as a vibrant metropolis has risen phoenix like from the ashes.

Why visit Hiroshima?

  • Peace Memorial Park
  • Island shrine of Itsukushima
  • Majestic Torii gate
  • Hiroshima Castle
  • Beautiful Shukkeien Garden

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New Hiroden Hiroshima - Entrance

New Hiroden

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Conveniently located close to the JR Hiroshima Station and within easy reach of the city centre, the hotel stands elegantly beside the banks of the Kyobashi River, one of the six rivers that flow through Hiroshima.

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The facts:

Getting there: Hiroshima is approximately 2 hours from Kyoto by shinkansen bullet train, while train journeys from Tokyo to Hiroshima take around 4 hours.

Best time to travel: As with much of Japan, spring and autumn are the most popular times of year to visit, In March and April the cherry blossoms bloom are quite beautiful, while the temperatures are comfortable. During the autumn months of September and October countryside is very attractive with shades of red and brown. Summer sets in around May/June and so the temperature and humidity rises while rain can be expected in July and August. While winter months can be cold, there are less tourists and it can be a good value time to visit.

Hiroshima climate:

Hiroshima Climate Chart