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To go or not to go to Burma must be a personal choice. The “fors” and “againsts” have put their cases strongly for many years, but the ultimate decision must be yours.

Most of us travel to see the world as it is and not how we think it should be and if we can’t handle the reality, then we probably shouldn’t go there. Yes, there are arguments that the foreign visitors’ money finds its way to the pockets of the military government. However, there are many private enterprises, who need the tourist dollar to survive and whilst no-one can guarantee that 100% of the money paid for your holiday and indeed, the money which you spend whilst you are in the country, will end up where you, and we, would want it to, we can all do our best to ensure that as much of it as possible goes to those who most need it.

What we do believe is that the vast majority of local people do want you to visit, and if you do go, then you can be assured of a lifetime of memories from this magical country.