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Colourful, chaotic and totally compelling

Known as Bombay until 1996, Mumbai is a city of dazzling contrasts and extremes. In this sprawling metropolis youíll find everything from succulent street food to haute cuisine, bargain-basement bazaars to haute couture, humbling poverty to staggering wealth and sacred temples to hedonistic nightclubs. Love it or hate it, Mumbai will certainly leave its mark.

Why visit Mumbai?

  • Wonderful monuments
  • Grand colonial-era architecture
  • Unique bazaars
  • Museums and art galleries
  • Home of Bollywood
  • Fine restaurants
  • Fantastic nightlife

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The facts:

Getting there: Mumbai is approximately 9 hours non-stop flight from the UK.

Best time to travel: Mumbai has a more moderate climate due to its coastal location, but itís still very hot and subject to monsoon rains (June to September). October to March is considered the best time to visit Mumbai, as the temperatures are more bearable and it is less humid.

Mumbai climate:

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