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Malaysia holidays

Malaysia Holidays

Malaysia holidays

Malaysia Holidays

Malaysia holidays

Malaysia Holidays

Malaysia holidays

Malaysia Holidays






Malaysia holidays

Experience the enchanting tapestry of Malaysia, a captivating destination that seamlessly weaves together a vibrant cultural heritage, breathtaking natural landscapes and modern urban marvels. Put simply, Malaysia is a beautiful country and sure to enthral any traveller.

At Premier Holidays, we have been tailor-making holidays to Malaysia for over 30 years and have excellent relationships with our Malaysian partners. We are delighted to bring you a selection of fantastic holiday offers which must be booked by 30 September, but as always, this is just the starting point and our Travel Experts are here to plan your next adventure.

Immerse yourself in a symphony of cultures that blend harmoniously, creating a unique and richly textured social fabric. Wander through the...

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Why Visit Malaysia?

  • Exciting urban landscapes & iconic landmarks
  • Stunning islands for a sun, sea and sand getaway
  • Tropical rainforests & enthralling wildlife
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • Picturesque hill resorts & luxurious spa retreats
  • Lip-smackingly tasty cuisine
Malaysia holidays
Malaysia holidays
Malaysia holidays
Malaysia holidays

Malaysia Travel Guide

Best time to go

Malaysia has a tropical climate where the temperatures fluctuate between 25ºC-35ºC. Kuala Lumpur and the west coast can be visited year round but the driest and sunniest months are December-March, whereas the east coast is at its best during March-October. Throughout Malaysia humidity can be high, and showers occur year-round, although often they clear up as quickly as they arrive.

Travel Information

Kuala Lumpur is approximately 13 hours (non-stop flights) from the UK.

Local currency

Malaysian Ringgit

Regions in Malaysia

Our recommendations for the best places to visit in Malaysia.

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